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Jammy Scones

These delicious little scones made with strawberry jam are a perfect project to make with kids. Why not bake up a batch and plan a tea party? VIEW RECIPE

9 month(s) ago.


i measured everything correctly but in a uk cup in which i read online and it said it didnt matter but the more i look at it there's SO MUCH FLOUR!!


9 month(s) ago.

measurement help!!

I am planning to make this soon and as i go through the measurements of the ingredients i've realised this recipe uses much more flour or is it just the way of it being measured? Normally you see the ingredients in grams and after seeing this i was trying to convert the numbers online which didn't work out. So is the amount of flour being used in this is just around the same of the others recipes (around 250 grams) or is it just made differently? (IS THE AMOUNT REALLY JUST DIFFERENT OR IS IT ACTUALLY JUST AROUND THE SAME OF OTHER RECIPES?) More over in the uk it's kind of hard to find shortening so is it okay to replace it with margarine or butter?


9 month(s) ago.

nutritional value

Need complete nutritional value of cookies. Like Saturated Fat, protein, sugar, calories. Please and thank you - obviously I'm trying to figure out the weight watcher smart point value and I don't care how many points cause they are delicious.


3 year(s) ago.

This not gluten free

Please note you have several receipts under gluten free that are not gluten free please revise being celiac this is a slap in the face!